Stiga XTR Table Tennis Table Review

Stiga XTR Review
  • 9.6/10
    Ping Pong Ninja Rating - 9.6/10


If you’re looking for a great outdoor ping pong table with an affordable price and good value, then consider getting one of the Stiga XTR outdoor table tennis tables.

When it comes to the best outdoor ping pong tables, no model is as popular as the Stiga XTR.

It is everyone’s pick and the reviews have very high ratings from almost every expert.

But what makes the Stiga XTR table tennis table so popular? Is it as good as everyone claims? 

Our expert review of the Stiga XTR will help you answer these questions. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

Stiga XTR Specifications

Stiga XTR Table Tennis Table Review - IndoorOutdoor
  • Dimensions: 9 ft by 5 ft (Official regulation size)
  • Assembly time: 10 minutes (95% preassembled)
  • Surface/Tabe Top thickness: 6mm (Aluminum composite surface)
  • Weight: 166 lbs
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Base Material: Aluminum

Stiga XTR Features

1. Strong Weather Resistant Frames

One of the most important things to look out for in an outdoor ping pong table is strong-weather-resistant frames, and that is precisely what the XTR model gives you.

The legs are 1.25 inches of welded steel that comes with an automatic self-opening mechanism deployed when unfolding the table.

The leg-ends are also equipped with height levelers to ensure that you get a flat, even table, even if you decide to set it up on a rough, uneven floor.

You also get a set of 4 three-inch wheels at each half of the table to help you move the table quickly.

When the table is all set, you can lock the wheels in place, so you don’t unintentionally move the table while enjoying a game.

2. Thick Table Surface

Another way to know if you’re looking at the right ping pong table for outdoor use is the top coating of the table’s boards. 

The indoor tables have a really thin coating layer, so they are easily susceptible to moisture and start warping.

But the outdoor tables are built with a much thicker coating that literally covers the entire board, completely sealing it from moisture.

The Stiga XTR table tennis table has a 6mm top coating made from aluminum and composite plastics.

A steel tubular apron of about 1.5 inches helps to provide a consistent bounce across the table. 

3. Foldable Playback Feature

One great feature about the Stiga XTR table tennis table is the fact that it takes less than 10 minutes to set up.

Thanks to its unique caster beams on both halves of the table, you can easily fold the playback for some solo play.

Or, you can get the entire table back into storage mode as quickly as possible.

Both halves of the table nest perfectly as you quickly move them both into storage.  

You do not have to worry about the tables occupying a large area of your storage because once folded, the table gets a lot smaller.

So you have more than enough space to keep more of your things.

4. Post Set and a 72 Inch Net

Like most ping pong tables, the XTR also comes with a 72-inch net and a couple of clamp posts. 

All you have to do is use the clamp mechanism to set up the post in a minute or less.

The net is also made to withstand the sun, and you can also adjust the tension of the net for a smooth, seamless game of ping pong.

Stiga XTR Overview

The Pros

1. Easy To Assemble

The unique quick play design makes it easy to assemble. It takes a person less than ten minutes to set up the table and have some fun.

2. Portable

The table’s legs come equipped with four pairs of 3-inch caster wheels so that you can move the table with ease.

The legs also come equipped with a self-opening system that deploys immediately you unfold the table and vice versa. 

3. Robust Undercarriage

The table is supported by a well-built undercarriage with weather-resistant frames and awesome height adjusting features for the table’s legs.

The 3-inch wheels are also fitted with stoppers, so the wheels stay firmly in place during a game.

4. Solid 6mm Table Top Coating

One of the best features of the Stiga XTR is its table top surface.

The 6mm surface is solid and able to withstand harsh weather elements for a long time.

The surface also provides a consistent bounce across the table, with a sturdy steel apron that can withstand the weather.

5. Playback Feature

Stiga XTR Series Quick Play Back Feature

Want to go solo? Then the XTR playback feature is just what you need. Simply fold back one half of the table, and enjoy your game.

6. One-year Warranty

Stiga offers you a one-year warranty for any production error or defect on the XTR table tennis table.

The Cons

1. Heavy

When compared to similar table tennis tables in its category, the XTR weighs significantly more. 

And you have to purchase the table covers separately, so do not expect to find a cover when the table gets delivered to you.

2. Table Top Thickness

The surface of the table is impressive and may last for a long time.

However, the 6mm thickness is a lot thinner compared to other tables in its category. 


So there you have it, everything you need to know about the Stiga XTR table tennis table.

For its relatively cheap price, the XTR sure gives you good value.

It has all the qualities of a great ping pong table, and if you’re more of a recreational player, you definitely will enjoy owning one.