10 Best Ping Pong Balls (Buying Guide & Reviews)

It’s critical to purchase the best ping pong balls to improve your game.

High-quality table tennis balls will take a longer time before they wear out.

They can withstand hard hits and are bouncy.

As a result, high-quality table tennis balls are essential for improving your game.

Because there are so many different types of ping pong balls on the market, it can be challenging to find and select the finest one.

Our review will provide you with the knowledge you’ll be needing to purchase high-quality balls.

Top 10 Best Ping Pong Balls

Butterfly R40+#1. Butterfly R40+Check Price
Nittaku 3 Star Premium 40+#2. Nittaku 3 Star Premium 40+Check Price
Xushaofa 40+#3. Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly 3 Star Check Price
Pro Spin 40+ ABS#4. Pro Spin 40+ ABS TrainingCheck Price
Franklin Sports 40mm 1-Star Pro#5. Franklin Sports 40mm 1-Star ProCheck Price
Butterfly G40+#6. Butterfly G40+ 3 StarCheck Price
JOOLA Training review#7. Joola 3-Star TrainingCheck Price
STIGA Three-Star Orange#8. STIGA 3-Star TournamentCheck Price
Mapol#9. Mapol 50 3-Star Premium TrainingCheck Price
KEVENZ#10. Kevenz 3-Star 40+ 100 PackCheck Price

How to Choose the Right Ping Pong Ball

10 Best Ping Pong Balls – Buying Guide & Reviews

Before you go out and buy a ping pong ball, there are a few things you should look for.

These contemplations will keep you from purchasing low-quality table tennis balls and, as a result, will assist you in selecting the most quality ones.

Below are some examples.


Good ping pong balls are made from two different materials: thermocol or celluloid.

Table tennis balls made of thermocol are the more suitable option because the ITTF endorses them.

They’re also of excellent quality.

Thermocol balls are safe for the environment and simple to move around.

They are the industry standard for all formal table tennis events worldwide, while Celluloid balls are appropriate for people searching for a lower-cost ball. 

They are not so tough because it is well known that low prices imply low quality.

Furthermore, the balls are 40mm in diameter, whereas the Thermocol balls are slightly larger.

So, by examining the prints on table tennis balls, you could easily distinguish between thermocol and celluloid balls.

Thermocol balls would have 40+ written on them, whereas the celluloid balls would have 40 millimeters or 40 imprinted on them, indicating the table tennis ball width.

Star Rating

Before purchasing a table tennis ball, it is critical to understand its star rating. 

The balls have a star rating ranging from one to three.

A three-star rating denotes the best quality, while a one-star rating denotes the worst quality.

As a result, you should opt for three-star table tennis balls.

One-star Balls

The one-star balls are intended for use during practice.

They’re less costly and somewhat lower than three-star balls, but there could still be exceptions.

Two-star Balls

The two-star balls possess average quality and are slightly firmer than the one-star balls.

The two-star balls should be ideal for multiple ball training, using a training machine for improving your game.

Three-star Balls

Table tennis balls with three stars possess the best quality and inflexibility. 

They’re the most appropriate for gameplay, and they’re also the one rating level permitted for tournament games. 

You could use the three-star balls to practice more than one ball drill, such as serves and smashes.

Good practice balls could be suitable for this particular purpose.

The three-star balls could also be costly, but the more significant cost results in a more stable ball that is easier to control.

Novelty Balls

Novelty balls and practice/training balls do not typically possess a star rating. 

Table tennis rehearsal balls are kinds of ping pong balls that are appropriate for beginners who just wish to learn how to play the game.

These balls aren’t tough, and they can break if struck too hard.

As such, using a training ball in a table tennis match would be less than ideal. 

These novelty balls have a soft-hard rating rather than a star rating.

Novelty balls are appropriate for use in games.

However, note that these ping pong balls are only for entertainment purposes and shouldn’t ever be used in a competitive Table Tennis match.


You must select a table tennis ball that has a visible color during gameplay. 

Orange or white balls with a lusterless texture are adequate for legal tournament play because the eyes quickly detect these colors.

If you’re just having fun with table tennis, you can use any color ball you want. 

The various colored balls are generally of the non-rated selection, which is less expensive and somewhat lower class in terms of spin and bounce.

Quality Check

Before making your decision, you should investigate the class of the balls.

The spin and hardness tests are straightforward methods for determining the class of a ping pong ball.

The toughness test entails firmly pressing the ball using your fingers around various areas.

It is not normal for a classy three-star ball to become malformed, but if it does happen, it indicates that the table tennis ball is of inferior quality.

A minor non-permanent deformation is probable in one to two-star balls.

A lasting deformation means that the table tennis ball isn’t authentic.

The spin test is performed by spinning the ball while it is still on the table tennis table.

If the ping pong ball wobbles when this is done, that particular ball isn’t completely round.

Quavering is unacceptable when the ball is a three-star rating, but it’s acceptable for a one or two-star ball.

The Best Ping Pong Balls Review

1. Butterfly R40+

Butterfly R40+ Ping Pong Balls

Top of our list is the Butterfly R40+ Three-Star Table Tennis Balls.

The R40+ by Butterfly are high-quality premium balls and are ideal for all-around play.

They are appropriate for both international tournaments and recreational play.

The Butterfly R40+ is available in white and orange, allowing for easy visibility. 

The lightweight nature of the material gives the balls a consistent extra bounce. 

The Butterfly R40+ three-star ping pong balls have a 40mm seamless design and are ITTF approved, making them the ideal balls for tournaments and training sessions.

The seamless design of the R40+ allows for a proper spin and also provides excellent control and longer volleys in play. 


  • The balls possess good spin and bounce 
  • It is very tough 
  • The R40+ is extremely lightweight 
  • ITTF certified and good for all-around play 
  • They are excellent on ball machines 


  • It’s a bit pricy

2. Nittaku 3 Star Premium 40+

Nittaku 3 Star Premium 40+ Ping Pong Ball

A plastic ball designed for professional games, the Nittaku three-star Premium 40+ table tennis balls are non-celluloid in composition.

For any event or practice, these table tennis balls are perfect. 

A new and innovative ball they are available on the market.

The three-Star balls are made of a special plastic material that is exclusive to Nittaku.

For a good spin, balls need a consistent bounce, which is provided by the plastic material’s stiffness.

Its circumference is 40mm, while its weight is 2.7g.

Each ball is therefore perfectly round, uniformly sized, and smooth.

These table tennis balls are a great option for players who love to add spin to their shots.

Therefore, this ball is the ideal choice for players who play with a lot of spins in their game style.

In addition, these balls allow you to have more control over where the balls land when playing table tennis.


  • These balls offer great control and spin 
  • Suitable for a tournament game 
  • Provide accurate bounce 
  • Highly tough 
  • Well balanced 
  • Offer a comfortable feeling


  • It is expensive 
  • Due to its use in international games, it may be out of reach for local players.

3. Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly 3 Star 

Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly 3 Star Table Tennis Balls

The 40+ Seamless Poly are the most technologically advanced table tennis balls available today.

Table tennis tournament players can practice with these balls because they have a three-star rating, which indicates that they are of good quality.

In addition to their premium appearance, the Xushaofa 40+ Poly features a seamless design, making them ideal for all types of games.

Because the balls are not glued together, the style is seamless.

This allows for the balls to move smoothly while they’re being played.

These Table Tennis balls are made of a non-flammable polymer, making them less hazardous to the environment.

This polymer material also makes the balls more bouncy and hard as a result of its properties.

Beginners and experts alike will find the Xushaofa ping pong balls to have the necessary qualities for training and competition.


  • Improved stiffness and longevity 
  • Offer good control and bounce 
  • Suitable for tournament games 
  • The poly plastic material makes the balls easy to clean 
  • Highly tough 
  • Affordable


  • The balls require improvement on the new technology it comes with 
  • Absence of some features such as the spin of the ball 
  • The balls deflate easily when hit with intense impact 

4. Pro Spin 40+ ABS

Pro Spin 40+ ABS Ping Pong Ball

The Pro Spin 40+ ABS balls are excellent ping pong balls at an affordable price.

These balls are very strong and you can have fun with them for months without breaking.

The balls possess a three-star rating, indicating that they are of good quality and thus a good choice for table tennis tournament players to practice with.

The Pro Spin table tennis balls have a perfectly round shape, which eliminates wobbling when hit on a hard surface.

The seamless design of these Table Tennis balls allows for smooth ball movement while playing.

The Pro Spin balls have a diameter of 40mm, making them ideal for tournament training sessions along with any other competitions.

With these balls, you are guaranteed long hours of training sessions to help improve your game.


  • Excellent for ball machines
  • Durable
  • Relatively cheap


They are not seamless and therefore not completely round

5. Franklin Sports 40mm 1-Star Pro

Franklin Sports 40mm 1-Star Pro Table Tennis Balls

The Franklin One-Star ping pong balls are an excellent choice for those who enjoy playing with colorful balls.

Six tie-dye table tennis balls are included in the set, and they glow when you play the game.

In the fun play, these table tennis balls are ideal.

Franklin One-Star table tennis balls have a 40mm thickness and the appropriate weight.

Because they function and feel like higher star-rated balls, they are ideal for practicing.

They are created to provide you with accurate precision during your game. 

Despite their one-star rating, these balls offer a steady bounce and accurate spin. 

As a result, they are ideal for training and casual play.

With these Franklin Sports balls, you can practice and improve your game in preparation for competitive matches.


  • Long-lasting 
  • Seamless round shape 
  • Affordable 
  • Simple design 
  • Offer good control
  • It could be used for multiple purposes 


  • Minimal quality 

6. Butterfly G40+ Three Star

Butterfly G40+ Ping Pong Balls

The Butterfly G40+ are high-quality and one of the best ping pong balls on the market.

This is due to regulations regarding their weight and size.

These Table Tennis balls are easy to control and also have a consistent bounce.

Their three-star rating makes them ideal for any table tennis game.

Because they have a thickness at all points and a perfectly round shape, the Butterfly G40+ is ideal for Table Tennis players searching for balls that give a consistent bounce.

The white color of the Butterfly G40+ allows them to be more appealing and easier to find during a game.

Its 40mm diameter is approved for tournament play by the ITTF and United States Table Tennis Association.

In terms of size and weight, these table tennis balls are perfect.

As a result, they are adamant, durable, and long-lasting because they are made of poly plastic.


  • The construction is of a high standard
  • Perfect for Tournamentsnts
  • It has a perfect balance between control and spin
  • These balls are perfect circled
  • Exceptionally shiny
  • Consistent Bounce
  • Wall Thickness is Consistent
  • Constructed without seams


  • It makes a high-pitched noise when the balls are struck
  • It is expensive
  • not suited for recreational play

7. Joola Three-Star Training

JOOLA Training 3 Star Table Tennis Balls

The Joola Three-Star are excellent balls for competitive play, practice, and training, along with any other purpose you may have in mind.

They are high-quality training balls that are ideal for beginning players.

The Joola three-Star balls possess authentic celluloid material, and this is both tough and high-performing.

These ping pong balls are available in either white or orange.

The vibrant colors make it easy to keep track of the balls as they move across the table, floor, or wherever they may be.

These balls possess an appropriate width of 0.86 mm, a tournament mass of 2.7g, and a regulation mass of 40mm, ensuring durability, consistent bounce, and power increase.

These balls also have a lot of control and spin.

The Joola three-star table tennis balls are ideal for practicing serves and hitting against multiple balls for trainers, recreation centers, resorts, and schools, among others.


  • Good construction 
  • Suitable for a variety of tournaments 
  • Perfect Spin and Control 
  • Flawlessly round balls 
  • Highly shiny 
  • These balls create a steady bounce  
  • Smooth design


  • The balls make a high-pitched sound
  • It is costly
  • It is not suitable for recreational use.

8. STIGA Three-Star Orange Tournament

STIGA Three-Star Orange Tournament Ping Pong Ball

Are you looking for high-performance and high-quality table tennis balls?

The STIGA three-star balls are the solution.

Because they are produced under special conditions, these balls are of high quality.

The International Table Tennis Federation defines the STIGA three-star ping pong balls as having a mass of 2.7g and a diameter of 40mm.

These balls are made of standard celluloid.

This material provides flexibility, durability, elasticity, and balance to the balls.

The balls are designed to provide high performance, excellent ball control, and fantastic bounce.

These characteristics make the Stiga three-star ping pong balls ideal for play during tournaments.

These balls come in a pack of six, each with a three-star rating.

Because of their durability, the balls are ideal for training.

You can quickly improve your game skills with these balls because they have great spin and volley.


  • Perfect for every tournament game 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Produce a good bounce 
  • Offer good spin


  • It is quite costly
  • It only comes in a pack of 6; therefore, if you use many balls at a time, constant purchases will have to be made.

9. Mapol 50 White Three-Star Premium Training

Mapol 50 White Three-Star Premium Training Table Tennis Ball

If you’re looking for the best ping pong balls to use in a table tennis ball machine for training, the Mapol 50 White three-Star balls are a decent choice. 

Alternatively, if you would like to buy a lot of balls for training purposes, the Mapol three-star has a high quality that is ideal for players looking to improve their game.

These balls are incredibly light, comfortable, and smooth.

They are white balls and have a diameter of forty millimeters and a mass of 2.7grams.

These balls possess a three-star rating, making them suitable for professional use.

The low cost of these balls allows them to be ideal training balls for players of all skill levels.

You could use the Mapol three-star table tennis balls for expert-level training because they provide excellent control, consistent bounce, and great spin.


  • Perfect training balls 
  • Nice balls with even bounce and movements 
  • The balls are comfortable 
  • Great value for its price 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Suitable for improving game skills 


  • Not perfectly round 
  • The balls come in a non-reusable plastic bag 
  • Unsuitable for competitive play 

10. Kevenz Three-Star 40+ Advanced Orange Balls 100 Pack

KEVENZ 60-Pack 3 Star Ping Pong Balls

Are you searching for the best table tennis balls that are both long-lasting and high-performing?

The Kevenz three-star balls are the solution.

These long-lasting balls have perfect control and spin, which are essential requirements for professional-level players.

The Kevenz three-star 40+ balls are available in attractive white and orange colors that are highly visible and allow you to see accurately during the ping pong game.

These balls can withstand 1,000 impacts before breaking because they have a decent thickness that is long-lasting, along with a good diameter and weight.

These balls’ slightly lightweight nature makes them easy to control while also providing them with good spin and bounce.

The balls’ 40+ diameter allows them to spin well while also making them easy to catch.

Professional players can fully demonstrate their skills with these balls, making the match more exciting.

In addition, amateurs can significantly improve their rate of catching the balls.


  • Offers great spin 
  • Moderately lightweight 
  • Possesses good bounce 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Great performance 
  • High-quality table tennis ball 


  • Unsuitable for random practice sessions 
  • Suitable for only professional players 

The Bottom Line

After you’ve purchased a good table tennis table and also a nice set of table tennis paddles, the next thing you’ll need is the best ping pong balls.

We recommend the Kevenz three-star 40+ table tennis balls because they possess an all-round thickness, which in turn makes them extremely tough, allowing them to withstand up to a thousand impacts before it breaks.

As a result, they are of higher quality compared to other balls and you’ll get plenty of control, spins, and a very consistent bounce.

Furthermore, the width of the right and left hemispheres of the Kevenz ball are consistent.

These table tennis balls are also notable because they arrive in packs of a hundred balls.

As a result, you’ll have a steady supply of ping pong balls for whatever purpose and whenever you need them.

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