10 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Are you looking for the best outdoor ping pong tables to buy for your outdoor space, and you’re kind of confused about which one to get?

I’ll be sharing with you the best outdoor table tennis tables that would fit into your assigned area.

You’ll enjoy a friendly game of ping pong once you set it up.

When searching for the best type of table to purchase for your table tennis, the first thing to consider is which type to get, the indoor type or outdoor type?

Well, it depends on if you have an empty room in your house.

You entertain guests indoors or if you have a terrace or space for table tennis in your home.

But if you have space outside your balcony, yard, or outdoor space and you like having friends over for a bit of game, you should get the outdoor ping pong table.

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables (Buying Guide & Reviews) - Butterfly Timo Boll Crossline

Features of a Good Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Here are some of the most important things you should look out for in a ping pong table.

The Table Top

This is one of the essential parts of any table. Look out for three things before getting your table, thickness, coating, and material.

The thickness helps the ball bounce; you can say the thicker the table, the more of a bounce you can get out of it.

General outdoor table thickness is much lower than the indoor counterparts ranging from 4–9mm.

The coating helps prevent the glare from the sun; the table is coated with anti-reflective paint.

Sometimes it is also used to protect against rust or corrosion.

Materials used to produce the tabletop affect its performance and also durability. 

Most companies use different composite materials like aluminum and plastic or laminated resin.

All these make the top resistant to climatic elements for a very long period.


Most legs are Steel legs and are coated with an anticorrosive.

They give balance to the table, and the wider the lens, the greater the balance. 

Another great thing about most outdoor tables is that the Legs also come with adjusters.

Whenever the tables are placed on an uneven surface, the legs can be adjusted to the right level to even it out.


The frame is where the tabletop rests, and its thickness and size ensure the tabletop is flat and adds bounce to it.

They are also coated with anticorrosive and are usually made of steel.


Table tennis tables usually have wheels, although most outdoor tables have bigger wheels and a locking mechanism to lock them and keep them in place.

They could also have brakes on the wheels to prevent them from sliding away.

Folding mechanism

If you want to get a table that you can keep away in storage for when you are away on vacation or when it is not in use, you should definitely go for one with a folding mechanism.

Chose one that is easy to fold and lock in place—the Cornilleau or the Kettler.

Safety Features

Each table has several safety mechanisms depending on the brand.

But most tabletops available have guards at the edge of the table to protect kids from being injured.

Some tables have a safety mechanism in place to prevent the two pieces from falling apart.

Assembly Time

Some paddle tables take a long time to assemble, like hours, while others take just a few minutes.

If you want something easy, go for something already preassembled that only requires a screw-on unless you are going for a premium table.

Table cover

Getting a table cover for your outdoor table is not mandatory as most outdoor tables are made to resist weather elements.

Although, birds and other insects and bugs could leave their droppings on the table.

Even dust could gather on the tabletop, so if you are thinking about purchasing a table cover for your outdoor table when you have it in use, that’s not a bad idea.

The Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

1. Kettler Outdoor 15

Kettler Outdoor 15 Table Tennis Table
  • Dimension: L-9 ft x W-5 ft (Official Tournament Size)
  • Surface: 10mm thick (Proprietary Melamine Waterproof Material)
  • Assembly Time: 10 Mins (Ships 95% Preassembled)
  • Price: Check Price

The Kettler Outdoor 15 table comes to you 95% already assembled, it takes about 10mins to screw on a few attachments, and then you can proceed to put it to good use.

It comes well equipped with a scratch fade and anti-glare technology to make you see your opponent visibly under the sun’s glare.

It comes with an all weathered melamine top that can maintain its beautiful self no matter the weather- rain, heat, frost, and even mold.

Supporting the Outdoor 15 is a 2.4-inch wide tubular steel frame and a 2.4 diameter heavy gauge steel leg that gives the table a lot of frame.

A locking mechanism is already in place for two wheels when you want to keep your table in place.

It also comes with 5inch wheels that are able to wheel the table to your required venue or position after you have folded the table cause yes! It is foldable.

The Kettler also comes with two storage boxes for the paddles, and the other accessories, a permanent net system, and also has a unique low center of gravity, DLS-DUAL LOCKING SYSTEM one-handed locking mechanism that makes it easier to open and close the table.


  • Perfectly made to provide a great bounce
  • An excellent design
  • Quick and easy work assembling it
  • Sturdy


  • It is pretty expensive

2. Butterfly Easifold

Butterfly Easifold Outdoor Ping Pong Table
  • Dimension: L-9 ft x W-5 ft (Official Tournament Size)
  • Surface: 12mm Thick COMPREG Top
  • Assembly Time: 10 Mins (Ships 95% Preassembled)
  • Price: Check Price

The Butterfly brand produces pretty popular tables; it is also a recommended choice because it is pretty affordable.

The Easifold has a 12mm thick COMPREG Top on its playing surface. It is also made up of 11 layers of resin-treated plywood.

It has a thick coating of DuPont paint to help it resist adverse weather elements.

The COMPREG Top makes a more significant bounce compared to the melamine and the aluminum used in other outdoor tables.

It is supported by steel rail, which keeps the tabletop horizontal, steel legs to enable it to stay in position as you play.

It is produced as a two-piece table, and each piece comes with four wheels and two foldable legs.

They both make up to 4’5″×5’×25″. It comes with adjusters on each piece to adjust the height in case any of them gets to an uneven height.

The Easifold comes with a locking mechanism that locks both pieces in place; it also comes in 2 different colors, green and blue, and colorful magenta pieces at every side that protects the sides when children play. 

It offers minimal assembly time, affordable price, and two different color choices for you to pick the one you are partial to.

The Butterfly Easifold is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor ping pong tables out there and would be a great choice.


  • High quality
  • Affordable
  • Easy to fold
  • Three years warranty


  • Small wheels
  • It comes as two separate pieces

3. Cornilleau 500M Crossover Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Cornilleau 500M Crossover
  • Dimension: L-9 ft x W-5 ft (Official Tournament Size)
  • Surface: 7mm Laminate Top with Glare Reduction
  • Assembly Time: 90 Mins
  • Price: Check Price

The Cornilleau model is another good ping pong table with a great design.

It features a 7mm thick tabletop for a good bounce, and it comes with a Mattop coating for the anti-glare and a thick steel frame 60mm×60mm for optimal stability and structure.

The table has a melamine coating on the table top with a resin laminate.

Its frame and legs are also double protected to withstand every weather condition.

It has an aluminum or zinc alloy frame for the table top with galvanized steel legs all laminated in resin for that extra protection.

This way, there is minimal to no damage, even if it’s a blizzard or snowstorm outside.

The Cornilleau brand has its unique mechanism – The Cornilleau patent ‘DSI’ system.

It has 16 locking points that give the utmost security to lock the table in place for easy table movement.

This table’s other great qualities are the height adjuster for kids and teenagers, 8 inches wheels for easy movement, and solo playback when you have no partner. 

It comes with a paddle holder, ball dispenser, retractable net, auto height, and tension arrangement as added accessories.

All these are to make you have an excellent playing experience.


  • Easy design
  • Easy to move 
  • Great bounce
  • You can play solo
  • Ten years warranty


  • Not easy to assemble

4. The Cornilleau 700M Outdoor Table Tennis

Cornilleau 700M Crossover Outdoor Ping Pong Table
  • Dimension: L-9 ft x W-5 ft (Official Tournament Size)
  • Surface: 8 mm Mattop
  • Assembly Time: 90 Mins
  • Price: Check Price

The Cornilleau 700M is almost entirely the same as the earlier Cornilleau production, the Cornilleau 500M, with only one difference in product design.

The 700M has the highest table thickness of 8mm, and this is the same all through the board to give it an even greater bounce.

Also, the number of table wheels is four against the 500M, which is two wheels. 

The Cornilleau is among the best ping pong tables for outdoor to choose from, and whether you choose the 700M or the 500M, they are bound to make your table tennis game an enjoyable one.


  • Great bounce
  • Durable
  • Ten years warranty
  • Good design
  • Easy to move- 4 wheels.


  • Expensive.

5. Kettler Outdoor 10 

Kettler Outdoor 10
  • Dimension: L-9 ft x W-5 ft (Official Tournament Size)
  • Surface: 22mm
  • Assembly Time: 2 – 3 Hrs
  • Price: Check Price

The Kettler 10 is Comparable to a professional indoor ping pong table.

If you are looking for an outdoor table with all the feel, look, and characteristics of an indoor professional table, then the Kettler 10 is just perfect for you.

It is made of the highest table top thickness of 22mm and covered with resin-treated aluminum.

The table also has a 1.75-inch steel tubular apron flat surface supporting the top for protection and removable soft-touch table edge, supporting the table during transportation or movement.

Its aluminum top protects it from any weather condition and is durable, and gives it added bounce.

Its 2-inch square steel legs provide it with stability and strength to the table. 

The legs also have levelers that adjust the height when on an uneven surface. 

It has four wheels, 2 of which are lockable, securing the table at the time of storage and during play. 

It also has a very easy single-hand lock mechanism.

Permanently attached to the tabletop is a high-grade pro-net with the ability to adjust its tension and height.

The table comes with a storage box for the balls and also the paddles.


  • Excellent bounce
  • Durable
  • Five years warranty 
  • A professional table (value for your money)


  • 2-3 hours assembly time

6. Joola Nova Pro Plus Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Joola Nova Pro Plus – Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table
  • Dimension: L-9 ft x W-5 ft (Official Tournament Size)
  • Surface: 6mm Thick Aluminum Plastic Composite
  • Assembly Time: 10 Mins (Ships 95% Preassembled)
  • Price: Check Price

The Joola Nova Pro Plus is specially designed for the outdoors, and also, if you are looking for something reasonably priced, you should go for the plus. 

It comes equipped with a 6mm aluminum-plastic cover that protects the board from weather, so be sure to put its cover to use when not in use.

It also comes with thick supportive plates made up of 2″ steel plates that are rustproof, and it comes attached to adjusters for leveling the height when the table is not on a plain surface.

The Joola Nova Pro Plus is very easy to assemble; it comes from the store almost preassembled.

The only thing you have to do is to tighten eight bolts, and you can begin to use them.

When not in use, it takes very minimal storage space.

You only have to fold the two separate halves, which makes a composite shape and doesn’t take a lot of storage space. 

The steel legs are sprayed with anti-rust and are foldable due to their automatic opening and closing feature.

It also comes with four 6 inch double caster wheels that make for easy movement and lock in place when in storage or during play.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Nice bounce
  • Great price


  • Not suitable for serious play

7. Stiga XTR

Stiga XTR Table Tennis Table – Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table
  • Dimension: L-9 ft x W-5 ft (Official Tournament Size)
  • Surface: 6mm Thick Aluminum Composite
  • Assembly Time: 15 Mins
  • Price: Check Price

Stiga XTR is also very good if you are not in the market for something very serious but good enough for fun outdoor games and garden parties.

It comes with a 6mm aluminum top that protects the board from heat and rain, and it provides a nice bounce too. 

It has similar Properties with the Joola Noova and also a similar price range too. 

Like the Joola, it comes with rust-proof steel legs with a folding mechanism for easy storage and eight 3inches caster wheels for easy transportation and movement.

The XTR has safety latches and power guards that provide protection. You can also use the table for solo play.


  • Self-opening legs
  • Decent bounce
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • A glossy surface is an issue for playing in the sunlight cause it can cause a glare

8. Cornilleau 250S Crossover

  • Dimension: L-9 ft x W-5 ft (Official Tournament Size)
  • Surface: 5 mm Mattop
  • Assembly Time: 
  • Price: Check Price

The Cornilleau 205S Crossover is an earlier version of the Cornilleau 500S, but it is still a premium table.

It offers you great value at an affordable price.

This ping pong table is laminated with a 5mm resin tabletop with melamine coating for resistance against all weather.

It comes with an anti-rust 40mm square zinc/ aluminum sturdy frame that gives it better support from sagging. 

The table top has anti-glare protection against sunlight because the tabletop has a SOFTMAT coating.

There is a central release handle for opening both pieces of the table, along with 8 inches wheels which provides ease of moving the table.

It is also equipped with adjusters to level the table when it is on an uneven surface.

Added accessories are the racket and ball holder for keeping the racket when not in use.

It comes with an adjustable height and tension all-weather net.

Indeed, the Cornilleau 250S is a premium table for your playing pleasure.


  • Great bounce
  • Easy to assemble
  • 10years warranty
  • Excellent for safety


  • Not suitable for professional play

9. Joola Nova DX

Joola Nova DX
  • Dimension: L-9 ft x W-5 ft (Official Tournament Size)
  • Surface: 6mm aluminum plastic composite surface
  • Assembly Time: 10 Minuets Easy Assembly
  • Price: Check Price

The Joola Nova DX Outdoor table tennis table is one of the earlier versions of the Nova collections, made in Germany.

You can be sure of the durability, and like most outdoor table tennis, it comes with a composite aluminum tabletop.

Its composite aluminum makes it heat and cold-resistant; the composite also gives the table great bounce.

It comes with no adjusters nor leveler, so be sure to put it on level ground. 

The Joola Nova is also an affordable ping pong table.

It’s very suitable for family, friends, and colleagues having a good game, but it is not ideal for any professional play.


  • Durable
  • A nice bounce
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for professional play

10. Butterfly Timo Boll Crossline Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Butterfly Timo Boll Crossline – Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table
  • Dimension: L-9 ft x W-5 ft (Official Tournament Size)
  • Surface: 5mm Thickness
  • Assembly Time: 10 Mins (Comes 95% Preassembled)
  • Price: Check Price

Timo Boll is a well-known and beloved professional table tennis player from Europe.

Although his career is a very encouraging one, Butterfly decided to name one of these models the “Timo Boll.”

It comes prepared against the weather, 95% preassembled, with a three-year warranty and a ten-year warranty on the table top.

This Butterfly model comes in 2 pieces with a locking mechanism in place, which is great for folding when not in use and occupying minimal storage space.

Indeed like the player who it was named after, the Timo Boll Crossline table tennis table is a premium one.


  • nice bounce
  • Occupies minimal space
  • 10years tabletop warranty


  • Expensive

Final Words

These are some of the best outdoor ping pong tables available in the market.

Be sure to get the one that suits your budget and size.

If the budget is sizeable, you should go for a premium table for your playing pleasure.